This is the smallest pocket calculator of my collection. It measures only 2.1 x 4.3 inches. At first glance, it doesn't draw any attraction at all, in fact, it even looks uninteresting. Before I knew about its inner works, I had estimated its production date to the early eigthies.

But I was completely wrong: According to the date code on the CPU, this calculator was made in 1974. And when you look at the circuit board with its ring coil and the armada of discrete transistors, which drives the LED display, it confirmes its early construction date, far before the eighties.

Besides the extremely compact case (with a little oversized AA cells, the case dents on the side), it is surprising, that the LED display doesn't use any maginfying lenses at all. This improves the sideways readabilty a lot, but results in a smaller size of the digits (although their size is equal to those of a TI 59).

This twenty-key model only offers the basic set of functions. It offers a percent key, but a memory is already missing. There are also no mathematical or science functions, only a red key, inscribed "R" is available. This key is used to recall the last displayed value, after the calculater switched off the display for saving batteries.

This calculator was manufactured (probably by a company called Promotors (Hong Kong)) for Hanimex. Hanimex was a very early mover in the calculator business and from the early 70_s to 80_s was a leading brand in UK, Australia.

The manufacturer Hanimex was founded in 1947 by the german emigrant Jack Hannes and named after the words "Hannes import export". It is still in business today and has specialized on imaging products. Pocket calculators aren't in their portfolio any more.

Display: 9x7 digit LED
Range: -99999999 ... 99999999
Power Supply: 2xAA,
Year Of Production: 1974
Serial number:
Condition: A-

Vintage Technology: Continental (en) (Description of the twin of the Hanimex calculator)