Sanyo CS-2103

Sanyo CX-2103
Sanyo CX-2103
Sanxo CS-2103, inner workings
Sanyo CX-2103, inner workings
This portable calculator resembles an old japanese cassette recorder. Its size, its desk design, the chromed borders and the size confirm this.

From the technical side, this calculator is pretty interesting: The mainboard consists of masses of discrete elements - lots of transistors, arrays of resistors and electrolyt condensators. Additionally, there's a single LED (as "Low Battery" indicator) and a flat panaplex display. These display can be seen as predecessors of the green VFT displays. In this panaplex display, the number "0" has burned in over the years.

This calculator is capable of the four standard calculation methods (still with += and -= function), a memory function, a switch for constant operations, 5/4 rounding and a fixed point function. There are no floating-point operations possible.

Its difficult for me to fix a date for this calculator, since no single electronics part inside carries an indicator for the production year. So, I can only guess, and I estimate the year 1973.
Sanyo CX-2103
Display: 12 x 7 digit Panaplex + 3 signs
Range: -999999999999 ... 999999999999
CPU: Mitsubishi MA8603
Mitsubishi MA8604-05
Mitsubishi MA8605
Power Supply: 6V NC-Accu
Year Of Production: ?
Serial number:
Condition: B-