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This program allows you to process the data of the MemoFiles of the Grundig Satellit 700 world band receiver.
You can add, delete, modify and move up to 64 memories with up to 8 alternative frequencies.

The data format, MemoFileProgrammer works with, is the so called "hex8" format, a byte oriented format, which can be handled by every EEPROM programmer software. On Windows, you can use external programs, such as IC-Prog, on Linux/Unix it is even possible to use the program prog84 internally and so read and write the EEPROM from the MemoFileProgrammer menu.

MemoFileProgrammer is a Java/Swing application and will therefor run on many platforms, such as Linux, Unix, Mac and Windows.






External hardware

EEPROM burner
As long, as they're supported, you can use any EEPROM programmer.

The most simple ones for the serial port (Type "Ludipipo") cost just a few euros and work as well as much more expensive ones. The only thing, which is important is, that the EEPROM type 24C16 and 24LC16 are supported.

If the matching software can be fully controlled by the command line, it can be integrated in further versions of MemoFileProgrammer, if you send me the neccessiary details.

To use the EEPROM reading and writing prossibility unter Windows, it is reqired, that you install the programs prog84 and dump84 (in the archive, see links at the bottom of the page) in the same directory, as the file MemoFileProgrammer.jar. Furthermore, the file lp_cfg must be edited by the instructions below and put into that directory, too.

Configuration settings for Ludipipo and similar programmers

Prog84 / Dump84


Pony Prog




Recommended versions with installer and uninstaller:
Win32/Unix/Macintosh Installer
(Execute by double clicking)
MemoFileProgrammer-1.5-install.jar 1125395 BytesSeptember 16 20062353 Downloads
Fedora Core/SuSE RPM
MemoFileProgrammer-1.5-1.noarch.rpm 73461 BytesSeptember 16 20061894 Downloads

For manual installation:
Linux/Unix Binary: MemoFileProgrammer-1.5.tar.gz 72999 BytesSeptember 16 20061734 Downloads
Win32 Jar File: 73082 BytesSeptember 16 20061948 Downloads
Linux/Unix Source:
(Eclipse Project)
MemoFileProgrammer-1.5-src.tar.gz 34939 BytesSeptember 16 20061700 Downloads

MemoFile programfiles (.mfp files) can be downloaded from the page Radio/MemoFiles.


The easiest way is, to use the installer or the RPM. If you're using the installer on Windows, you can install and configure 'prog84' in the same step, too, which makes MemoFileProgrammer run out-of-the-box.

The installer is launched by a double click (Java >=1.4 must be installed on your system); the RPM can be installed the traditional way as root by executing 'rpm Uhv MemoFileProgrammer-1.5-1.noarch.rpm' or one of the RPM installation tools

Thanks and License

MemoFileProgrammer is released under the GNU General Public License Version 2.

This means, that the author does not give any kind of warrany and informs you, that you can use it on your very own risk.

Many thanks to Grundig Intermedia GmbH, who gave the kind permission for releasing MemoFileProgrammer. This permissions was granted without any technical checks and obligo to Grundig. So all questions, errors and other conversations must to go me only and NOT to Grundig.


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