About These Pages

This page was made with a lot of magic, resulting in almost zero work for me - everything is done automatically.

Used Tools

So you see, only the very best software is used. And of course, there's no need for even mentioning products from the Redmond universe.


  • Jan 19th: Start of my homepage
  • Moved to www.leo.org
  • Worked a bit as webmaster at leo.org
  • Leo-Music-Charts (they ran until 1998 or 1999)
  • My homepage gets bigger - and even more chaotic
  • Worked as Webmaster at the Chair VTA at the TU M√ľnchen
  • Started my inofficial BZN homepage
  • Graphical redesign of my homepage
  • Start my BZN Forum
  • (Re-)moved to www.informatik.tu-muenchen.de
  • All BZN pages are transfered to their official location at www.bzn-online.com and I quit co-maintaining them.
    Marcel Versteeg does a really great job on these pages!
  • Finished my studies and lost my account. A small part of my homepage was transferred to CompuServe's OurWorld
  • No time for improving my homepage. It's a real mess now.
  • Moved to fortunecity.de (even messier)
  • Discovered wml
  • First redesign attempts (in two languages)
  • Moved to geocities.de
  • Used wml to really program my page and to update with with simple make upload keystrokes.
  • Moved new pages to CompuServeOffice.
  • Thanks to gmmusic, I'm getting more than 100 hits per day, with a peak of over 800 one day in November.
  • Started using CSS, thus resulting in slightly smaller and faster pages.
  • My pages get problems with the 20MB quota. Because of this, the gmmusic pages moved directly onto SourceForge.
  • In March, the 1000 hit barrier was crossed the first time. Tendency raising.
  • December: My pages are relaunched in PHP and get their final location on www.christophlorenz.de
  • Start of my radio section with shortwave logbook
  • 263018 page views per year
  • Enhancements of my radio pages with an FM-DXing part with extensive bandscan
  • Page views almost doubled and reached nearly half a million that year
  • The 100th watch movement was put online
  • Starting the delivery of my pages in Unicode
  • Changing of the page order in the navigation and PHP code improvements
  • More that 750000 page views per year
  • 190 watch movements online; the movement pages are permanently enhanced, also regarding the images (larger views, examples of the watches).
  • 1218127 page views per year
  • The watch pages are now directly accessible at http://www.uhrenbastler.de, too.
  • Minor, css based redesign, mainly of the navigation. Larger layout redesign, CSS-based, too, of http://www.uhrenbastler.de, that now has got a different design as http://www.christophlorenz.de.
  • This site was renamed on May, 28th to "The Metatechnical Cabinet" and got a similar design as http://www.uhrenbastler.de. Till this day, there was no single result on Google for this name!
  • At the end of the year, there are already 333 different movements in the archive.
  • The number of page views per year increased to more than 1,33 million.
  • Takeover and hosting of www.satellit700.com, the internet reference of the Grundig Satellit 700.
  • Reviewed all pages; technical fixes where needed.
  • Fur the watch area, an RSS feed and the linkage with Twitter was set up.