My former Linux quadcore Workstation

(30.5.2008 - 28.11.2014)
My Linux Workstation

Its Components

Power Supply: Rasurbo DLP-535  (Mai 2008)


Mainboard: ASUS P5KPL  (Mai 2008)

CPU: Intel QuadCore Q6600 (boxed)  (Mai 2008)

Memory: 2x2GB Kingston KVR800D2N5/2G  (Mai 2008 / September 2011)

2x2GB PC2 - 6400 CL5 240 - Pin DIMM / DDR2 800 2048MB - macht feine 4GB, die dank 64Bit-Ubuntu auch alle verwendet werden können.

Graphics card: ECS EliteGroup GeForce 7300  (Mai 2008)


Monitor: 2x NEC Multisync LCD 1860NX  (Okt 2011)

Two fantastic vintage LCDs

Case: EYE-910  (Sep 2002)

SSD: Samsung 840 EVO  (April 2014)

Speed, Speed, Speed...

Harddisk: Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001  (Jan 2012)

Thanks to 2TB finally enough size!

DVD+-RW: BenQ DW1640  (Aug 2005)

The fastest and probably even one of the best (in terms of error correction) DVD burners on the market

Backup 1: ViPower VP-1028 LSF + Samsung SP0802N  (Jul 2004)

Backup 2: SATA-Case + Seagate Barracuda ST31500341AS (1.5TB)  (?)

Soundcard: Soundblaster PCI 128  (Feb 1999)

Works flawlessly. Good sound and no problems at all.

Loudspeaker: WaveMaster 300  (Jan 1999)

Rather simple 2-way speakers with "DSP processor". Reliable.

Kopfhörer: Sennheiser HD 201  (April 2014)

Nice sound without distortions from outside

TV card: Hauppauge WinTV PVR-150  (Apr 2008)

Scanner: Epson 1650  (Oct 2002)

A top scanner, 1a scans, runs perfectly under Linux

FireWire Controller: NoName M1394-301 with VIA Chipset  (Jun 2004)

Keyboard: Logitech Internet Navigator Special Edition  (Mai 2004)

A fully featured keyboard. I like the volume wheel and the scroll wheel on the left. If its connected via USB, everything works out-of-the-box when using Kernel 2.6 and Gnome 2.6

Mouse: Logitech M500  (Dec 2012)

Working hour meter: MotoMeter  (Jul 2002)

A truely cool device of the good old days. A quartz clock counts the minutes (analog) and the hours (digital). The only thing, I still have to do, is to mount this meter in the case. It would look deadly cool.
The device on the photo does not exacly look like mine (mine is from MotoMeter, has got its numbers above the hand and has got a chrome ring), but you can get an idea, how it looks like.

Operating System: Ubuntu 14.04  (April 2014)