myself Christoph Lorenz – Expert Developer, DevOp and Swiss Army Knife at FriendScout24, the largest partner portal in Germany.

I’m a software developer for the most time of my life (almost 30 years), starting with Turbo Pascal, later switching to Perl and finally, 15 years ago, settled with Java and using it since then in high availability and high traffic contexts.

I’m also keen on fascinating (and sometimes weird) technology of all kinds, like mechanical watches, radio dxing, vintage electronics and lots of other stuff.

Combining programming and technology makes most fun of it and besides my professional work, it leads to a number of interesting private projects in the last decades, such as an RDS decoder (written in Turbo Pascal with a manually built decoder interface for the serial port), a tool for programming EEPROM files for the Grundig Satellit 700 (involved reverse-engineering the EEPROM contents, with permission by Grundig), a nice little Android app for measuring the deviation of your wristwatch and a music collection system, which started as a perl program in the 1990ies, was then transformed into a Gnome-Perl program and some years ago was rewritten as a Struts webapp.

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