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Warning :Since PostgreSQL 8.0, the required perl module Pg no longer exists, and so gmmusic cannot run..
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gmmusic is a free and powerful music collection management system, which runs on top of PostgreSQL on a GNOME desktop.
You can handle your complete music collection, consisting of songs, which are stored on records, CDs, video and audio tapes.
All pieces of data are easily to maintain, you can for example look up songs, enter whole CDs or ROMs or print the whole inventory and print nice CD trays. There's also full support for freedb included.
gmmusic is the successor of mmusic, which is now obsoleted. All data of mmusic can be used in gmmusic, too.


(2006-03-07): wmmusic will be the webbased successor of gmmusic. Development is currently in full swing.
(2004-11-16): Final stop of the development of gmmusic and start of development of its Java based successor, jmmusic on base of gmmusic.
(2003-09-22): Due to professional reasons, the development and support of gmmusic is currenly put on hold
(2003-05-18): Updated RFC-DB.php
(2003-01-21): Debian packages for 1.1.91 released.
(2003-01-20): gmmusic 1.1.91 released.
(2002-12-31): All neccessiary perl modules are now released as RPMs for RedHat 8.0
(2002-12-24): As christmas present, Manfred released fresh .deb files
(2002-12-14): RPMs are now released, too
(2002-12-13): Tarball 1.1.90 is released on SourceForge

Project Pages

The whole project is hosted at


The documentation refers to the development release.


You can get gmmusic from the SourceForge download pages.
Since gmmusic 1.1.91, you also need the package mmusic, if you install the RPM packages. Im the tarball, mmusic is already included.
Latest development release of gmmusic:  1.1.91 (Please use 1.1.91 instead of 1.0.7)
Latest development release of the gmmusic plugins:  1.1.91  
Latest development release of the mmusic backend:  1.1.20 (needed for gmmusic 1.1.91 and later)
Latest stable release:  1.0.7  (Does not run anymore with perl 5.8 and PostgreSQL 7.3)
Perl-Module RPMs RedHat 8.0
SuSE 8.1

Please back up your database, before you use them!



These screenshots were taken with gmmusic 0.99.4. Click into the images for seeing them in larger size.
Startup Screen

Select a CD out of a list

Edit data of a CD

Browse the songs of a CD

select a song from a list

a song with all its recordings

edit the recording data

edit a song together with one of its recordings

edit an artists' data

freedb preferences

WebSearch preferences

statistics about your the value of media

statistics about your media

statistics about your songs

statistics about your recordings

that's the way, a sticker looks like

and that's, what you can do with that sticker

generated CD trays look like this

a list of all your CDs avoids buying the same records a second time

a list of all songs in your database

Final words

If you want to try gmmusic on your own risk, feel free to download it and tell me, what you think about it.