wmmusic is a webbased database to maintain your offline music collection, consisting of CDs, tapes and vinyl records.

wmmusic is a java servlet application, which can be installed on any platform in any servlet container, e.g. Tomcat. As database, PostgreSQL is used; mySQL could be used to, if it supports unicode properly.


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Untested and without any warranty at all. Download and use on personal risk only!


wmmusic Version 0.71git-gradle projectGithub: clorenz/wmmusic 2014-05-18 
wmmusic Version 0.6.tar.gz as Eclipse project
wmmusic-0.6.tar.gz 3837730 BytesSeptember 19 2010
wmmusic Version 0.5.tar.gz as Eclipse project
wmmusic-0.5.tar.gz 2733936 BytesSeptember 24 2008
wmmusic Version 0.4.tar.gz as Eclipse project
wmmusic-0.4.tar.gz 2731690 BytesSeptember 21 2008


(Android client for offline list handling)
wmmusicdroid Version 0.3.tar.gz as Eclipse project
wmmusicdroid-0.3.tar.gz 79422 BytesSeptember 19 2010


PostgreSQL, tested with Version 9.3

Tomcat 6 (tested with 6.0.25)

Normally, a
gradle clean build war deployToTomcat
should do the trick, if you have properly set up your project environment and tomcat and linked the webroot accordingly in build.gradle.

Please refrain from asking for install help, since the code provided here is not yet to be used in production enviroments. It's more like having a distributed online backup for my sources...