RRDS was a RDS decoder, I once developed for DOS.
Since I neither use DOS nor Windows any more, I have stopped developing it a few years ago, and I also don't support it any more.

You can download the source code, which I've put under the GNU General Public License, for free; you may even modify it and publish it as a new free version.



There's a nasty bug in handling the serial interfaces, which prevents RRDS from working properly in almost all cases. It only worked on my machine, since I used a weird setup of my three serial interfaces.
On a machine with a standard setup of only two serial interfaces, bbackup will certainly fail.

Please don't ask me for fixeing it - I cannot and I also don't want to. You've got the sources, so you may be able to do it.


rrds_gnu.zip 162988 BytesJune 19 2004