Donated watch: Meister-Anker Automatic

This unusual model of the "Meister-Anker" Spezichron by Glashütte was donated in July 2006 by Frank Schramm. It is unusual, since unlike the Meister-Anker Automatic model, which was known from many "Quelle" catalogues and which is also in my collection, it has white, non-glowing hands, a smaller crown and a larger rotor.

On the donated watch, the crystal is higher and almost flat.

Another notable fact is, that the dial printing of Franks watch is blurred, while on my Quelle model, it is quite sharp.

This almost-twin was bought in the GDR in 1982 for 200 DDR Marks, which resembled almost a third of one months' wages. It was worn for about eight years and never serviced and still runs very well. Although the daily rates of minus one minute per day are far away from the chronometer norm, it is nothing which cannot be regulated.

Probably this watch was due to the white non-glowing hands and the blurred dial printing a B model, which was rejected by Quelle, and so this Glashütte Spezichron, labeled as "Meister-Anker" was sold in the GDR instead of Western Germany.