Jacques Lemans Chronograph

Jacques Lemans


The main hands of this watch are in a pommes de Breguet style - a very classic one, and they match the classic appearance of this watch very well.
The chronograph hands are in a traditional lance style; only the 24 hour hand is different here, with its leaf style and luminous inlay. Nevertheless, it looks very good among the other hands and does not disturb the classic style of the other hands.

All hands are painted(?) in shiny dark blue, looking exactly, as if they were heat blued. Only under a large lens, you can see, that they aren't. Perfect work.

All hands are just of the correct length. Although being a little bit longer would not have hurt, they just reach the dial markers, which ensures good readability.


4 out of 5 points for the hands.


The readability is a drawback of this watch. Since there are so many hands (four hands alone in the center, two of them mostly static) and all subdials have got two or more functions at the same time, it's quite hard to capture the time(s) on a glance. You have to look in details, sometimes even to count markers of the dials to read the exact time.
But to be honest - who doesn't want to look a little longer on such a beautiful watch. If you don't want to, a pilots' watch would be the better choice, but then you wouldn't get a 7751.

Case, crown and pushers

The rest will follow soon...


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